Thomas and I both had dogs growing up. We agreed shortly after moving in together that we would have a dog. The apartment that we were renting did not allow pets, so once we bought our house, the idea of welcoming a dog into our family seemed like our next big move.

We toyed around with some different breeds. Since we both work full-time, we wanted a dog that didn’t mind doing some sleeping throughout the day. Initially, we had found a French Bulldog named Mae from a rescue called S.N.O.R.T. We applied for her (along with 100 couples!). When we didn’t get Mae, we visited a local shelter, the Pet Adoption League in Yukon. Unfortunately, neither of us felt a connection with any of the available dogs.

I felt a little defeated leaving the Pet Adoption League. I wanted to give a puppy (or dog) a good home. I knew getting a dog would be a life altering event, and I was worried that it would challenge our marriage.

A few days later, Thomas sent me a link to an ad on Craigslist for some Boston Terrier puppies in Butler. He wanted to know if he should contact the guy. I figured it couldn’t hurt.IMG-2200

Two days later, we were driving home with a new puppy in our arms.

I just love the little guy. We decided on the name Toby, but frequently find ourselves calling him Piggy. At this point, we are a week in. So far, we’ve met some human and puppy friends, gotten a check-up at the vet, had a love/hate relationship with the crate, and eaten some puppy shampoo. Having Toby has definitely been a learning experience. I feel like my senses have been on high alert. I am constantly worrying about him.IMG-2203

We are learning to do things a little differently, always with Toby’s needs in mind. We are becoming PetSmart frequent flyers. I’ve said the phrase “Good Boy” at least 400 times. He has become our traveling buddy. We are so thankful that our families welcome him in their homes and have helped us with letting him out during the day.

So here I am, taking twice as long as normal to write a blog post, because a little fur ball is biting at my fingers as I type. Honestly, I needed this.IMG-2218


One thought on “WE GOT A DOG

  1. Fantastic article Desiree. I’m thrilled you both love your new puppy. He will bring you plenty of joy and happiness. But mostly unconditional love.


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