Honeymoon Diaries: Day 5

Friday, December 1st:

We were determined to get breakfast at the buffet, so we had some coffee in the room and then headed down at 9:30. As we got closer, we noticed that the chains were up, meaning that we had once again missed our breakfast opportunity. Although the snack bar isn’t bad, having it four days in a row does get a bit repetitive.

It was time to try kayaking again. We walked over to the pro sports and talked to Raoul. He was the one that hooked us up with Sandy so he happy to help us, especially since Thomas gave him a $20 that day.

We put on our life vests and walked to the shore. This time, Raoul helped us, instructing us to get into the kayak while he pushed us into the waves. It crossed my mind that Thomas may have never lost his ring if we had been helped the first time. But then we wouldn’t have had such an adventure.

It was surprisingly calm on the water once you got past the waves. We were told to stay out of the buoyed area, as that was were open swim was allowed. Our kayak was tiny in comparison to the motor boats and parasailing boats. It was much easier to paddle than what we expected.

The water was a beautiful teal blue. We could see to the bottom, but could not tell exactly how far that was. If you looked out into the ocean, you could see different areas of dark blue and light blue to indicate where the depth increased.

After a while we drifted back into the beach, riding the waves as we went. The sun had warmed us up, and we needed a dip in the pool and of course a Banana Mama. Thomas wanted to enjoy a cabana so we went to the beach and snagged one with a great view, right up front.

We went for a long walk all the way down the beach to where another cove began. On our way back through, we weaved in and out of the other resorts. There were a few spots where they were preparing for wedding ceremonies. In total, we walked about a mile and a half.

We came back to our cabana and fell asleep for a few minutes. We watched the various salesmen travel up and down the beach. Some carried cigars, while others lifted necklaces and sunglasses high over their heads.

They like to push photographs here. I guess it is part of documenting your vacation. They must not know I am more into writing. Each day two gentlemen walk with exotic animals. Today it was a macaw, a little money and a beautiful iguana. The iguana reminded me of our Jasmine from childhood, he was about the same size.

We had dinner reservations at the next resort over as a part of our honeymoon package. We got ready and waited in the lobby for the shuttle to take us over. It wasn’t surprising when it didn’t show up in the 15 minutes that we waited. It was easier to walk over.

The entrance to our resort has some sort of drainage problem, so an inch or so of water covers the entirety of the drive way. We saw a break in the foliage and decided to jump through. We came out of the other side into the spa area. The woman standing in the garden did not seem the least bit disturbed by two Americans jumping through the bushes.

The resort on the other side of us is much bigger, and more of a full family place. It seemed that their restaurants actually opened at 6pm! We waited a few minutes before going into La Cava. The service there was noticeably better. I had quail for an appetizer. I don’t think I am the biggest fan. Thomas saw carpaccio on the menu and was super excited. When he ordered it, the waitress made sure that he knew it was raw meat. He loved it! I tried a little piece, it wasn’t bad.

For dinner Thomas had duck. He said he liked it, but there was a significant amount of fat on it. I had lamb chops. The plates were presented beautifully. Carrots were cut into roses and there was a spiral shaped fried tortilla around our potatoes.

Dessert was underwhelming, but by this time, we were full. We slipped off our shoes and walked back on the beach. The moon was large and bright and made the tips of the waves shine silver.


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