Honeymoon Diaries: Day 4

Thursday, November 30th:

Thomas surprised me by making coffee in the tiny pot in our room. I heard once that airline attendants use hotel coffee pots to clean their underwear if they are stuck somewhere over night, but I highly doubt they would be staying here. Anyway, the coffee is actually quite good. We sat on our balcony and drank our cups, watching the water. We spotted a fishing boat pretty far out.

We attempted to go to the buffet for breakfast, but it was already closed. You see, dinner starts late, but they close everything earlier than what the paperwork says. We went to the snack bar and filled up on croissants. I’ve been threatening that I will be doing low carb after this vacation.

We kicked off our shoes and walked down the beach to the next resort. Thomas wanted to show me where he had to go to get the money for Sandy the day before. The resort there is much bigger. Many people ride the trolley to get from the lobby to the rooms and restaurants. They have a Chinese restaurant as well as a seafood place and some others. A gazebo stretched over a pond with schools of tiny fishes- the first ones we have seen since arriving.

We chose to walk the path instead of riding the trolley. Along the way were many bird and tiny ducks with big feet. They seemed very unafraid of humans. Thomas was playfully egging them on, and I thought for sure they would try to peck at my toes. Don’t worry, no harm no fowl (sorry, I couldn’t resist).IMG_1493

After dodging a few people trying to sell us timeshares and trinkets, we made into the shops by the lobby. These people know what is in demand. A box of tampons is $20! The same exact sunscreen that we brought from home was $33. I guess they know that if you need it you have no choice. After we looked around, we walked back down the beach toward our resort.

It was time to go the pool. We had a few Banana Mamas in a matter of minutes. If we have one complaint about this resort, it is that they have too few chairs around the pool. We snagged the last cabana and floated around the pool for a bit, and then headed to the beach. I read my book, while Thomas took a snooze. After a while, we hit up the snack bar, and continued lounging for the rest of the afternoon. The hours seem long here.

We went to the front desk to schedule our fancy dinner that was included with our honeymoon package. The woman set us up for dinner at 6:30 for the next night at La Cava, a wine cellar. As a part of our dinner the night before, we were told to pick up our “complimentary photos.” The gentleman showed us our shots and declared that the one with the “animators,” aka the weirdos dressed up as a Bride and Groom, was free. The others were either $13 or $20 each, depending on what size. Now it all made sense! In the end, we went with the animator shot, because to be quite honest, it was funny as hell.

It was time to try out the Italian place. It is funny how they try to emulate culture here. The waiters wore red, green and white vests, and there were pictures of the Leaning Tower of Pisa on the walls along with a rendition of The Creation of Adam. They placed a basket of bread on the table. I ordered caprése salad, and a ricotta and spinach concoction. Thomas had a tomato basil soup that he wished we had saved some bread for, and eggplant parmesan. We both had coffee and tiramisu for dessert. That dinner was significantly better than the TexMex. We came back to the room and watched the first half of the Gene Wilder version (the best version) of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Thomas and I didn’t remember how many subtle laughs were incorporated into it.


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