Honeymoon Diaries: Day 3

Wednesday, November 29th:

I woke up after having a dream about popcorn. The obsession is real.

Item number one on the agenda was a massage. We walked over to the spa and was immediately refused for our $100 bill. We walked back to the front desk to get the bills exchanged and headed over again. We were lead to a private hut. The massage lasted 50 minutes, and felt great. We decided to go to the snack bar to eat. I sat down to eat my mashed potatoes and dumped an entire salt shaker on them. Don’t worry, I got new ones.

We went up to the room to change into our swim suits. The waiter had told us about BBQ on the beach so we snagged some as we passed. I had chicken on a stick and Thomas had a hamburger. We sat on the beach for a few minutes. Thomas had been dying to kayak since we got here, so we headed over.

They basically told us to grab a life jacket and have at it. We walked with the kayak for a bit. Once it got to my waist I jumped in as Thomas continued to pull us a little further out. In one swift motion, Thomas pulled himself into the boat and over the other side. Just as he was jumping over, I heard him yell, “My ring!”

He had felt it slide off his finger, probably from a combination of the cold water and plethora of lotion from the massage. I jumped out of the kayak, and when I did, my jacket caught on the side. The kayak came down hard on my head. We were both frantically looking for the band.

Thomas ran to shore and asked the water sports people for snorkeling gear. I pulled the kayak ashore in an attempt to see if the ring would ride in on the waves. After looking for a few minutes, Thomas accepted that we would probably never find it. I began to cry as we sat on the beach next to our kayak.

The water sports people told Thomas about a man that specialized in finding lost jewelry. He told us to come back before 4pm. We decided to grab our things for the beach. As we walked through the pool area, I had to stop. I wasn’t sure if I was about to have a panic attack, or if my head just hurt.

We were sitting on our cabana when the water sports man approached us with a man that referred to himself as Sandy. He was yielding a metal detector and wearing a beat-up wetsuit. He told Thomas that he would search for the ring for 1 hour, for $150. If he found the ring, it was $200. Fishy, right?

I stayed on the cabana and watched Sandy go out to where we were attempting to kayak. Thomas went to the room to get the money. In what seemed like 10 minutes, Sandy came over to us. He told Thomas that he only found a gold ring, and that he was sorry. And then he flashed his hand in front of us. There was the ring! Thomas told Sandy that he was so happy that he could kiss him.

We only had $150 in the room, so Thomas was in search of an ATM. I stayed with Sandy while Thomas had to go to the next resort over to get the money. We talked about our families and how Sandy found a ring just yesterday that had been lost for three days. He was such a kind man, and I felt badly for believing that it was a complete scam at first.

After 20 minutes, Thomas returned to us. He paid Sandy and we shook hands for what seemed like forever. On our way back to the room they were cutting open coconuts and filling them with rum. We got one in celebration. Thomas will never be wearing his ring to the beach again.IMG_1492

Later that night we were invited to an exclusive dinner at Mare Nostrum, the restaurant on the resort that was closest to the beach. We arrived at 7pm. They told us to wait at the bar for a few minutes. I had a piña colada, and Thomas tried their local beer, Presidenté. We’ve noticed that nothing here is really done at the time they say it will be.

After a few minutes, they took us back to the front of the restaurant and poured us glasses of champagne. We posed with a wedding cake. They took a shot with us and another couple dressed up as a bride and groom and then a few of just Thomas and I. the photographer shouted out some direction, like to look of into the distance, and we felt silly.

We were seated and our champagne was never empty. We both ordered the shrimp cocktail for appetizer. I had filet mignon with a peppercorn gravy, and Thomas a lobster stuffed Grouper. We both had carrots, broccoli and mashed potatoes.

There was a three-person mariachi band that sang to each table. When it was our turn, they sang “My Girl.” It was a little awkward, the song is bit longer than you would expect. Thomas and I both noticed that the one man was using a hair pick to play his “grater.” Of course, Thomas sent the video directly to SnapChat.

For dessert, we realized that we are not big fans of caramel flan. It tastes ok, but can only be described as slimy and jiggly. They also served us a piece of the wedding cake, which we both were convinced was nothing more than a Styrofoam prop. It was tasty.

Each night we made the plan to go to the show at 9:45 at the next resort over, and each night we decided we were too lazy and tired.


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