Honeymoon Diaries: Day 2

Tuesday November 28th:

Our hotel room phone rang suddenly at 8:43am. It was Perla, our representative for the transportation service. She wanted to remind of us of a meeting at 9:30 so that we could schedule our transportation for our departure. She showed us some options for excursions- zip lining and dune buggies, swimming in coves with blue water and boarding a party boat.

We decided to eat at the breakfast buffet. Their coffee is amazing. Thomas and I think they must have a population of boar or something. They always have a ton of pork options. The food was good. I have a feeling that picky eaters may have a difficult time at the buffet.

It was finally time to see the beach in full daylight. Until now, we had only seen the tips of the ocean peaking over the palm trees from our room. We hastily walked through the pool area toward the water. And then we got interrupted by our first scam…

He placed a necklace around each of our heads and told us he could tell we were Americans. He led us to his little shop about 50 feet away. They had paintings and jewelry and little wooden figurines. He desperately tried to sell us on a wooden carving of man and wife. Their bodies formed an infinity symbol. He wanted to engrave our names on them. I told him I would rather have a rock he had sitting there instead. He put it in an envelope, and then told us the price was $120 but he would give it to us for $60 because we were his first customers of the day!!!!!! I said I did not want the rock. He threw in a necklace, a bracelet, and a set of earrings. He said he would keep the price at $60. We told him we did not have any money on us (which was true). He said we were his first sale and that he trusted us to bring the money later in the day.

We took the $60 rock back to the room and Thomas got the cash. We headed back toward the booth and passed the money off. He said he knew he could trust us. We boogied out of there.

At this point we have been trying to get to the beach for hours, so we make a beeline. We quickly saw the area of cabanas in the VIP Section. They are like mattresses with roofs that can retract. In total, there were probably 12 of them, only 5 used. We were surprised that they weren’t in higher demand. We laid down and watched the waves crash into the sand. It was beautiful.IMG_1490

To our immediate left, a woman was sunbathing… TOPLESS! Thomas nodded his head and said “Good for her.” I laughed. I decided to read some of my book. A few minutes later a woman came over and asked, “May I?” and gestured toward me. I thought she was trying to see what I was reading. She was actually interested in my elephant tattoo. I said thank you and she said she had multiple. To show us her large back piece she removed her bikini top. Topless woman #2 was complete with a nipple ring! Her and her husband sat in chairs close to us. I was worried we may have made new friends. I heard her tell a salesman that they were from Toronto.

We stayed on the beach for a while. When we attempted to go into the water, we were attacked by a flock of seaweed. It was time to go to the pool. We found the last two open chairs and walked right into the water. There was a swim up bar. We each got a frozen Banana Mama. After lounging in the pool for a while returned to our room to get ready for dinner.

Our paperwork said that dinner began at 6pm. We were interested in trying the Italian place, but there was a sign outside that said it was closed. We then walked to the fondue place- closed. And the snack bar, also closed. As we walked back to the front desk the resort seemed almost desolate. It was giving off major Twilight Zone vibes.

As we were moving from restaurant to restaurant, there were more scammers trying to sell us things. We were getting better at dodging them, but they still shouting things in our general direction.

The hostess at the front desk informed us that only the main buffet and the Tex-Mex Restaurant was open. So, our decision was easy- Tex-Mex. We walked to the front door, and by this time it was well past 6:30. The worker inside gestured 5 minutes. Finally, others started to emerge as well. I guess we get hungry early.

We were seated and sat opposite of each other in the booths. I refuse to be a same side booth sitter, even if that was what everyone else was doing. I ordered soup, steak and a strawberry cheesecake. Thomas had eggs over tortilla and salsa, short ribs and apple pie. Quite honestly, the food was dramatically underwhelming. We came back to the room and watched X-Men First Class.


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