Cappelletti Day

The day is a mix of laughing, drinking wine, and making meals that we can share with our families long after Cappelletti Day is finished. 

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Thomas and I both had dogs growing up. We agreed shortly after moving in together that we would have a dog. The apartment that we were renting did not allow pets, so once we bought our house, the idea of welcoming a dog into our family seemed like our next big move. We toyed around […]

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Alice’s Journey

I feel as I imagine Alice did as she plummeted down the rabbit hole. I am weightless and moving fast. My thoughts racing faster than my accelerating decent toward Earth. I hope I can avoid the Mad Hatter and that rabbit. I would prefer a stint in the flower gardens, even if they are much […]

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I stumble as I move toward the door. My limbs feel light, as if they are disconnected from my body. My vision is fizzy and my head is aching. There is a tingling sensation from my head to my toes and everywhere in between. I can do it, I can walk away. I’ll call my […]

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Laundry Basket Couture

She rifles through looking for something to wear for the shift that started fifteen minutes ago. She’s looking for the one that is dark blue and has the thin white stripes. It is probably in his car. Another one from the pile will just have to do. Ready to go, just need a ride. She’ll […]

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Eau de Parfum

It came from Kaufmann’s. Estée Lauder. She left it on the high dresser, just out of my reach. When Grandma was getting ready to go someplace nice she would let me squeeze the end, sending a mist of fragrant bubbles into the air. Only one spray, maybe two. We won’t get a new bottle until […]

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Honeymoon Diaries: Day 5

Friday, December 1st: We were determined to get breakfast at the buffet, so we had some coffee in the room and then headed down at 9:30. As we got closer, we noticed that the chains were up, meaning that we had once again missed our breakfast opportunity. Although the snack bar isn’t bad, having it […]

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